Guide On Protecting Your Home Against Pests

Summer. The most anticipated season of all and everyone looks forward to it. What’s there not to like? School’s out, there’s plenty of sunshine, beach parties, ice lollies and barbecues! Did we mention beach parties?! Oh happy days. Many of us will wipe the dust off our camping gear and bikes and head out for a weekend of outdoor-fun. For those of us who are not so adventurous, summer means afternoons spent hanging out in the garden and backyard, sipping tea, having a picnic or firing up the barbecue pit.

Everyone is out and about during the summer months. Unfortunately, this includes pests. During the warm months, many of them come out from their nests in full force! Most of them do this to find food, mate and breed. It doesn’t matter where you live, summertime means bug season. Towards the end of summer, ants will even come out in droves to collect food for their queen and colony to survive winter.

It is therefore crucial that you protect your home from bugs during summertime. Otherwise, these little buggers will find their way into your home and terrorize your family and pets.

The first line of defence against pests would be to spray the outside perimeter of your home with insect repellant. This sounds simple but trust us when we say that this works like a charm. Focus on areas where there is an opening to your house, such as doors and windows. This easy step deters bugs from even wanting to enter your house. They will not cross that line where insect repellant has been sprayed. If you are too lazy to do this yourself, many pest control companies offer this service for a minimal charge.

cockroach gelIf pests have already found their way into your home, we would then suggest using traps. There are many different types of traps targeting different types of bugs such as cockroach traps, ant traps and fly traps. Find out how to kill cockroaches in the kitchen as this is the place where you’ll usually find them. A good cockroach bait is effective in killing cockroaches and its entire colony. You can easily purchase these traps at your local hardware or home improvement store. You can even buy them online! These traps are very effective at catching and killing bugs that are in your home.

Another way to keep the bugs at bay during the summer months is to ensure that there is no food or beverages left outside. You should always remember to clean up after hosting outdoor parties. Throw away any leftover food and spray down spilled beverages. Do also remember to wipe your patio furniture with disinfectant. Leftover food is the main attracting factor for cockroaches and ants. Keeping your house and its surrounding areas clean is the best way to prevent pests from coming and breeding in your home.

During picnic or barbecue sessions, try not to leave food exposed for a long period of time. Serve food in containers which has lids that can easily be used to cover the food. Alternatively, you can use aluminum foil to cover the food. This is to detract flies and ants. Another step you should not forget is to clean the barbecue grill regularly. Leftover food stuck on grill grates will attract cockroaches and ants. You can easily clean the grill by soaking them in a solution of hot water, soap and baking soda for an hour before scrubbing.

Once you have tidied up the barbecue area, throw the trash in garbage bins and make sure you close the lid on them. If possible, place the garbage bin far away from your home and outdoor patio area. Try to also schedule weekly garbage pick-ups.

If there are a lot of mosquitoes in your area, lighting citronella candles or using a citronella oil diffuser would work. Mosquitoes cannot stand the smell of citronella and will definitely fly away. Eliminate their breeding grounds by removing all standing water. Change the water in birdbaths every couple of days and fill in low spots in the ground with soil to ensure water does not pool in them. Do also make sure that the water in swimming pools circulates. Moving water will make it impossible for mosquitoes to lay eggs in them.

Everyone loves summer and don’t let these pesky bugs spoil it for you and your family. Be sure to practice the steps stated above and have an enjoyable pest-free summer!

Record Player Reviews From Experts

vinyl collectionThe materials utilized to develop these products will be of the highest quality for higher precision and dependability. For a turntable, you’ll also need to evaluate the dependability of its base. This base or “plinth” will be the element which balances your player and enables it to stand. Preferably, you’ll need a plinth that’s created from wood or steel but that includes a rubbery surface on some portions of it to absorb or reduce the vibrations.

Using this method, no vibrations coming from the lower body part will reverberate to the very top and affect the music being transmitted. The platter of the turntable is tremendously pertinent as well. Higher class platters will usually have an infinitely more substantial weight to avoid additional vibration during the spins. As you might know already, all turntables can be split into 2 significant categories based on the form of drives they’re mounted with.

Models that were belt driven got the votes of most record listeners previously thanks to the decreased vibrations as a result of the location of the motors, which were beyond the platter. Lessened vibrations means reduced interference with the music listening experience. Within a direct drive setup, the platter will be spun by the electric motor directly below it. Today nevertheless, technology has been enhanced to such an extent that vibrations dampening provides for direct drive turntables to function at the very same level as those of belt drive devices.

You may be thinking then: why go for a direct drive when a belt drive works just as well? Record players equipped with belt drives will not have the capability to have its vinyl played in reverse function, hence eliminating a crucial capability that DJs require most. In reality, that is how the term “turntables” came to exist, given that DJs will need to have manual control of the record players to spin and make new songs from the original tracks.

The tonearm of a turntable is definitely the component that swings out of the corner of the device and its tip will be swung out over the record. The design and general build of the tonearm could have substantial influence on the turntable’s effectiveness. The connection between the stylus and also the record must be light enough not to scuff the top of the record. The best record players usually have a stylus that just barely touches the vinyl record to produce good quality music. It is worth it to put in the effort to search for a good record player as it makes all the difference in the music quality produced. Specific devices will provide the user with a selection of whether or not to manually or automatically cue and lower the tonearm on the platter.

record player

You’ll also need a decent cartridge for your record player mainly because there’s a tremendous difference to be experienced right here. On the other hand, you can select a device that presently features a cartridge pre-installed in order to save the difficulties of needing to attach your own. A good example here would be Hanss Acoustics T-30, whereby a basic but pricey unit of cartridge has been affixed on the system. For instance, the VPI Industries Traveler costs about $600-$700 when similar quality products would merely be priced at less than $900. To maximize their revenue, a few of these companies would justify a considerable rise in the price of the units on such basis as the inherently fitted cartridge. When you spend some time exploring, you’ll realize that specific businesses in the likes of Stanton will have made it possible for their customers to have their very own preferred cartridges installed. The stylus is housed in this cartridge itself. The least significant upgrade within the cartridge’s level of quality can mean a big change in overall performance so don’t make an effort to skimp on this if you can.



Pros And Cons Of A Direct Drive Record Player

vintage turntableNow, back to the belt or direct drive issue. Technically, a direct drive helps eliminate this negative factor from the equation, so a record player with a direct drive has a much more consistent rotation with a much lesser amount of interference. A belt driven turntable, on the other hand, has a band made of rubber that is pulled around the motor and back onto the platter. If this band looses its elasticity (which it is bound to, since it’s essentially like a rubber band) then the force around the motor pulley would be inconsistent too, leading to a less than ideal quality of music. Replacing the belt itself isn’t cheap as well. Some can cost up to $200.

A lot of modern record players have already switched over from a belt to a direct drive precisely because of this. It works well enough. Then again, it depends on the quality of the direct drive itself. There are plenty of other accessories that you may find useful for your record player. Note however that these aren’t necessary. Dust box covers, stylus brushes or cartridge protectors are literally frills that do not enhance your music listening experience.